Review of Cafe Evangelista, Rome – Artichoke specialty restaurant

by mike

Cafe Evangelista in Rome, Italy is close to artichoke heaven but just outside the gates. Most of the dishes are artichoke-based and excellent.

Firstly let me highly recommend the Villa Medoro Montepulciano d’Abruzzo wine. This is a wine full of surprises. It begins with a sweet fruit start, proceeds to an acidic middle, and finishes with a strong wood presence. There is a honeyish feeling that runs through the flavor. It has definite legs – my glass was stained like lipstick.

Let’s proceed to the fried, smashed artichoke appetizer. Crispy perimeter, creamy center, bursting with artichoke flavor. Judging from the tenderness, it seems to include mostly the heart of the artichoke, though the recognizable leaves are quite tender as well. Looks like it was smashed right down the middle!

Next up came the artichoke soup, also smacking of artichoke flavor, complete with green beans and artichoky broth in which the croutons soaked all the way through. Topped with fresh parmesan.

Finally, as is common in Italy, came the artichoke salad, featuring raw artichokes, tangy pecorino cheese, and crisp vertical slices of artichokes. Dashed with walnuts.

Dessert was custard between wafers in chocolate sauce – dig in with a crack that would make a falling tree jealous. Airy. Cottony. Just as dessert should be.

8/10 on the chokescale.

Cafe Evangelista
Via delle Zoccolette 11, Rome, Italy
Meal as described 90 euros
Owners speaks good English, service acceptable