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The Artichoke Aficionado

Reviewing the best artichokes and artichoke-based meals in the world…one, or ten, at a time.

Category: restaurant reviews

Stuffed artichoke at Artichoke Basille’s Pizza, NYC

I have a complicated relationship with Artichoke Basille’s. You might assume that it would be one of my favorite places in the city. And I really want it to be. But alas, the one item on the menu I’m supposed to love, the artichoke pizza itself, fails to deliver. The crust is too thick, the [...]

Fried Baby Artichokes at Tre, NYC

Tre is a great date spot and a very solid choice for Italian food. The fried baby artichokes combined the texture of fried potatoes with a heavy olive oil veggie flavor. The tips of each artichoke leaf were crispy and perfectly burnt, and flakes of artichoke fall off as you crunch down on your first [...]

Stuffed Artichoke Pizza at Nonna’s New York

I’m going to let the photos do most of the talking on this one. That is indeed a whole beautiful artichoke stuffed with cheese on a spinach slice oozing with olive oil and flavor. Like all of the slices at Nonna’s, the ingredients are fresh and the crust is CRUSTY! 9/10 on the chokescale. Nonna’s [...]

Artichoke Dip at Bruchetteria in New York

Do you remember as a child how your feet would get stuck in the mud and you would have to pull them out slowly with a satisfying sticky tear? That’s how it feels to step into the hot artichoke dip at Bruchetteria. The dip is smooth, rich and creamy with sticky clumps of artichoke interspersed. [...]

Review of Cafe Evangelista, Rome – Artichoke specialty restaurant

Cafe Evangelista in Rome, Italy is close to artichoke heaven but just outside the gates. Most of the dishes are artichoke-based and excellent. Firstly let me highly recommend the Villa Medoro Montepulciano d’Abruzzo wine. This is a wine full of surprises. It begins with a sweet fruit start, proceeds to an acidic middle, and finishes [...]